• Let’s make a good mix

      Creativity is an ability to combine existing knowledge, skills and fresh ideas in new ways. We challenge ourselves every day. This is our way of creating new things.
    • We care about your success

      We care about your business. We are creative in finding the right solution and will commit to a lasting customer relationship. We think this is a good mix.
  • We commit to giving more

    We have a goal. It is to improve ourselves and give more. This is our way of getting results. We will improve your business, every day.
Premix is the leading specialist in electrically conductive plastic compounds and other unique plastic solutions
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We know conductive plastics

Premix is the leading specialist in electrically conductive plastics and other unique plastic solutions. We have gained profound knowledge in the fields of carbon black dispersion and polymer modification. This knowledge, along with strong product development know-how and understanding of customer needs has helped us create innovative and reliable product concepts.

We offer just one product. A solution. …

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Plastics in Electronics

It is our passion to create innovative material solutions to enhance our customers’ competitive edge. Our existing unique solution offering, which includes high frequency materialscontrolled dielectric constant compounds and materials for EMI shielding is a clear sign of our …

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Meet us at the International Events:

Electrically conductive Compounds

PEPP 2014 / Zürich, June 24-26 * EuMW 2014 / Rome, October 5-10 * Fakuma 2014 / Friedrichshafen, October 14-18 * IME China 2014 / Shanghai, October 29-31 * Antenna Systems 2014 / Las Vegas, November 6-7

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